Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The One Choice You Can't Make

A few weeks ago an extended family member was diagnosed with cancer. She was living her life to the utmost, actively going about her day like nothing was wrong. Just three weeks after the diagnosis, she is bed-ridden and not expected to live much longer.

More than anything, this is a wake up call to me. I mean, I always thought that you would have some time between diagnosis and dying, time of health to enjoy those last crazy wonders. This family member didn't have that choice. Her body was immediately taxed. I mean, one of us could get hit by a drunk driver any day of the week! Our lives are finite. They end, and the ending isn't always after 70.

Am I happy with the life I am living as of right now? Am I creating excitement everyday for the many joys that life could hold? Am I actively doing all of the things I dreamed about? The answer is pretty close to no. I mean, my life could end without me ever really living beyond my day-to-day drudgery. Yes, I have a loving family and a decent job and an awesome town to live in. I am thankful for these gifts everyday! But have I traveled beyond the East Coast? Have I gone sky diving? Have I even tried to act or sing in front of a crowd? Have I created a legacy of wealth to invest and pass down to my children's children's children's children? No. And the kicker is, I haven't even started the plan for those things yet.

How will any dream ever get accomplished if I don't plan for it happening? Every day will continue to pass with my dreams never getting closer. Just putting in time doesn't mean that you will eventually gain your dream life! I know that I would die a whole lot happier if I knew, knew for sure, that I had done everything in my power to achieve my greatest dreams (whether realized or not).

Do me a favor? Think about one thing that you want to do more than anything. The thing that makes you want a longer life if only to achieve this one thing. Do me one more? Write out a plan, however fanciful, to working toward it and take the first step.

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Unknown said...

Come to the west coast before I move again! come see all there is here SF, wine country, our oceans and even Yosemite.